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    Qingdao BAHEAL pharmaceutical Co., LTD, located in No.268 YingCheng Road, Jimo,Qingdao, is ajoint venture by BAHEAL pharmaceutical group, engaged in research &development, production & sales of pharmaceutical products, BAHEAL covers an area of land of 56000 m2as well as building area of 18000 m2. BAHEAL has built facilities, equipment and technical capabilities required in manufacture of extended release OSD products such as osmotic, pellet coating, matrix technology.

    BAHEAL set the pharmaceutical technology innovation and GMP compliance as the core competitive advantage, specialized on R&D and production of extended release pharmaceutical product, dedicated to build a manufacture base for US/EU market and domestic market.Designed by NNE Pharm. in accordance with China and US GMP standards,employed with high quality facilities, equipments and analytical instruments, BAHEAL try to build a an world-class team with all the capacities required in R&D, production and quality management . So far BAHEAL hasdeveloped and filed a number of applications in CFDA and US FDA.

    We aim to provide better healthcare products and services for the home and abroad. We invest heavily on the training to our staff to order to build scientific understanding to our product and technology , quality and EHS consciousness and technical skills. We also invest heavily to develop sustainably therapeutic equivalent generic drugs and other high -quality pharmaceutical products .